Forfood’s founding programme in the research counfil held it’s annual SAMKUL Conference at Gardermoen on October 22.

The conference addressed what kind of knowledge culture research can offer to address important societal challenges such as climate change and globalization.

A video of the conference can be viewed at the SAMKUL website, part 1 with Mike Hulme and Kjersti Fløttumpart 2 with Peer Vries and Christina Garten, and part 3 with Helge Jordheim and Kristine Lillestøl.

The day after the conference, the 15 SAMKUL projects that received funding in November 2012  met to discuss common challenges.

Project manager Hilde Bjørkhaug, PhD student Heidi Vinge and researcher Siri Øyslebø Sørensen represented Forfood at the conference.

hilde300pxH Siri Øyslebø Sørensen2 Heidi portrett 2013