FORFOODs May Thorseth was central when the conference ”Globalization: Opportunities & Challenges” addressed the normative dimensions of natural resource management June 13-14 2013.

The conference took place in the grand Britannia hotel in Trondheim, and Prof. Thomas Pogge from Yale University was the key note speaker.  Pogge addressed the UN development goals and the challenges facing supranational rule shaping.

– We face existential ecological problems – requires global cooperation and governance. Academics worldwide can play an important role in building the requisite public understanding and support toward appropriate global governance institutions, Pogge stated.

The plenary session lasted until lunch, while the afternoon as well as the second day of the conference consisted of workshops. The FORFOOD project attended the workshop “Natural resources, global justice and obstacles to sustainability”, a joint initiative by the Globalization Programme, NTNU (prof. May Thorseth & prof. Ragnar Torvik) and the ESF project Rights to a Green Future (ENRI-Future).

The FORFOOD team was represented with presentations held by Siri Granum Carson, NTNU and Hilde Bjørkhaug, Centre for rural research. The project members Jostein Brobakk, Siri Sørensen and Heidi Vinge also attended. Highlights of the workshop was among others Marcus Düwell from Utrecht University, and his talk on the concept of “open future”, where he argued for why avoiding climate change and protect natural resources and biodiversity is morally obligatory due to rights of future generations.