• Situational analysis: Workshop 2013
  • Seminar/dialogue


  • FORFOOD team
  • Management by Hilde Bjørkhaug

Analytical approach and research design

WP 1-5 each study complementary aspects of land conservation. Drawing on the Situational Analysis research design this WP will utilize mapping exercises for overarching analysis. The mapping tool consists of a) situational maps (macro level), b) social worlds/arenas maps (meso level) and c) positional maps (micro level) (Clarke 2005). The mapping device allows us to integrate analyses of both global and local dimensions, culture, values combined with the pragmatic aspects of policy making. The maps will also function as good visual means of communicating the complexity in findings when presenting research results. The maps are to be regarded flexible tools, hence a good basis for dialogue and adaptation in dialogue with policy makers.
Important stakeholders will be invited to take part in a workshop in the final year of the project where results from the previous WPs will be presented by the joint project team. Discussion taking place at this conference will inform the final analyses and conclusions of the project.
WP6 will deliver one final report from the project. Dr. Bjørkhaug, CRR, will be responsible for the WP, while all project participants will contribute.