Do not miss this opportunity to meet and listen to one of the leading experts in economic and historical sociology.

Title: The Land Grab: a New Global Food Regime?

Time: Thursday 17. October  10:00-11:30 

Place: Meeting room Tinget, Centre for Rural Research, Trondheim. Dragvoll Sports Centre 4th floor 


Professor McMichael’s research evolves around the implications for food systems of economic and political structures in capitalist modernity.  Most recently his empirical and teorethical work has been on agrifuels and land grabbing, something that also will be the topic for this lecture.

The guest lecture is organized by the research project ”Frogs, fuel, finance or food? Cultures, values, ethics, arguments and justifications in the management of agricultural land” (FORFOOD). Read more about Professor Phillip McMichael at the Cornell University homepage.

Agricultural land is a vital yet limited resource. We depend upon it for foodproduction, but it is also in direct competition with other land-based activities, such as housing, infrastructure, mining, investment, carbon off-setting, nature conservation and industry. This competition has direct impacts for national and international food security. The spectre of food insecurity is also intensified by the combination of global population growth, environmental degradation, climate change and excessive market speculation – or land-grabbing – of agricultural assets.


Contact: Hilde Bjørkhaug, Centre for Rural Research, Trondheim