Professor Bruce Muirhead har igjen vært aktiv som populærformidler om landbrukspolitikk i Kanada. Denne gangen forsvarer han landets eksisterende systemet for å kontrollere tilbud og etterspørsel på melk, som han kaller verdens beste, i det ukentlige nyhetsmagasinet Maclean’s:

“We need only look to Australia to see the risk of eliminating any controls on our dairy regime. As I have previously published and studied, as of 2000, Australia opted for a completely subsidy-free regime, with disastrous results. The result of Australia’s lack of intervention demonstrates the necessity of some sort of governmental or other authority’s involvement to promote a stable dairy system.

Only time will tell if Canadian genius in the form of supply management will survive. Based on my extensive analysis of competing systems, to lose it would be a tragedy—it has served dairy farmers, consumers and processors well for decades, proving cost-effective, safe and secure dairy products in a world where those realities are increasingly difficult to guarantee.”


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